Online Electronic Queuing Token System for Tatkal Bookings

What it proposes to do :

Experience a simple way to get your Queue Token for Tatkal Booking line by using Online Electronic Queuing Token System . It supports to manage the Passengers queue to get the token for Tatkal tickets. This avoids all infights in queue, lonq, taxing queue starting at previous nights and specially any bulldozing by Agents/Dalal and wastages of time. It promotes genuine passengers and in a humane and dignified manner. It is transparent and user friendly. This Electronic Queuing Token System allots an electronic token number through SMS to avoid standing in queue. The message, by showing their queue position & counter at provided station, passengers could get seek Tatkal bookings at PRS counter in a relatively peaceful, transparent and humane manner.


Users would need to do the following for availing this facility:

Electronic token:

An Electronic token is a number showing the position in the queue for seeking Tatkal tickets. If a passenger is allotted electronic token 5, it means position of user in Tatkal queue is 5.

How Electronic tokens shall be allotted:

Once the time window for applying electronic token closes at 5.00 PM, application shall select all the passengers from those who have applied for electronic tokens through a transparent random selection process (GUID by Microsoft Corp.). These passengers shall be assigned queue positions starting from 1. These queue positions shall be sent via SMS on the registered mobile numbers of the Users.

What is GUID:

A globally unique identifier (GUID) is a unique reference number used as an identifier in computer software. The term "GUID" typically refers to various implementations of the universally unique identifier (UUID) standard. GUIDs are usually stored as 128-bit values, and are commonly displayed as 32hexadecimal digits with groups separated by hyphens, such as {21EC2020-3AEA-4069-A2DD-08002B30309D}. They may or may not be generated from random (orpseudo-random) numbers. GUIDs generated from random numbers normally contain 6 fixed bits (these indicate that the GUID is random) and 122 random bits; the total number of unique such GUIDs is 2122(approximately 5.3×1036). This number is so large that the probability of the same number being generated randomly twice is negligible.

The message shall be as under:

"Dear user, your queue position is 7 at counter number 1 for Tatkal booking of AC/Sleeper class on date XXXXXXXX at PRS. Please reach latest by 9.30/10.30 AM with your ID No.XXXXXXXXXXX.”

The message means that the User's Queue position is 7th in PRS Counter number 1. For electronic tokens, a separate Tatkal Queue shall be formed on Counter number 1.

The users who have been allotted electronic tokens are required to carry SMS received on registered mobile number to show to PRS staff with registered ID proof and reach PRS latest by 9.30 AM for AC class & 10.30 AM for Sleeper class.

Please note that all other counters and existing arrangements for Tatkal queues for those standing in physical queues, shall continue without any change.

How to use this application?

For using this application, it is necessary for the passenger to do a one time registration on the website by entering required details such as Name, Age, Address, Mobile number and valid ID details. Passenger shall also choose a Password. Once details are filled, a verification code shall be sent on the given mobile number to complete the registration process.

Through their Mobile No, the passengers can apply for Electronic Tokens one day in advance between 08.00 AM and 5.00 PM of the date on which they wish to purchase the Tatkal tickets.

For example, for purchasing Tatkal tickets for date 02.10.2015, user has to apply for electronic token on date 01.10.2015 between 08.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

For applying an electronic tokens, Users shall log In through their Mobile No and password. They would be required to fill details of passengers travelling along with their name, age, gender and valid ID. At least one of the four passengers would necessary have to be registered passenger.


For Applying e-Tokens : 08:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Allotment of eTokens through SMS : Between 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

One Time Registration : 24 Hours.:

Assistance available : Between 08.00 AM to 5:00 PM, at PRS.


Commercial Controller/Bikaner - 9001190706
Sh. Aman Malhotra - 9680902820
Sh. Ravindra Pareek - 9414452673
Email address -

Benefits of the web application:

We expect this web based application to considerably benefit our rail passengers to conveniently buy Tatkal tickets with minimum waiting time through use of Information Technology. By allotment of electronic tokens to passengers who have registered on the website through a transparent random selection process (GUID), we expect this application to provide valuable help to our rail passengers for which this application is being provided initially.

Other Important Information:

  1. If due to any reason, the SMS received gets inadvertently deleted, the same can be regenerated by the user on clicking on “Resend Token” on
  2. This system shall not allot more than 5 e-tokens in a month to any one user.

This Web application is only a queue management system to facilitate formation of Tatkal Queues and does not give any guarantee whatsoever of Tatkal Ticket confirmation.

The objective is to facilitate users to conveniently stand in Tatkal Queues and save waiting time. There will be no change in Railway’s rules and regulations for Tatkal scheme as this facility is only for helping in formation of Tatkal queues.